Burnet rose
Rosa spinosissima

Rosa spinosissima
Mountain Učka, Croatia



Rosa pimpinellifolia, the burnet rose, is a species of rose native to western, central and southern Europe (north to Iceland and Norway) and northwest Africa.
It is a rather low erect deciduous plant usually from 20–140 cm high but sometimes up to 2 metres. It spreads by basal shoots and can cover large areas. The stems have very numerous stiff bristles and many straight prickles. The young stems and prickles and the mature leaves tend to be very red with young growth a bright scarlet and older growth a deep maroon.Basal leaves are large, kidney-shaped, leaf margin is toothed. The leaves are glabrous on both sides.

Rosa pimpinellifolia, žuta ruža, vrsta je ruže porijeklom iz zapadne, srednje i južne Europe i sjeverozapadne Afrike.

Роса пимпинеллифолиа, жута ружа, је врста руже која потиче из западне, централне и јужне Европе и северозападне Африке.

Rosa pimpinellifolia, žltá ruža, je druh ruže pochádzajúci zo západnej, strednej a južnej Európy a severozápadnej Afriky.